Finding the right TALENT to fit your unique CULTURE.


We are more than recruiters, we are partners and advisors.

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Executive Search

We know that finding the RIGHT talent to fit into your unique CULTURE is not an easy task. It has to be perfect, each and every time. At KMR we find the talent to create your “Dream Team”.

We are perfectionists.

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Key Talent Coaching

The leaders of tomorrow aren’t simply born – they are nurtured and mentored. Our coaching includes leadership development to succession readiness and everything in between.

Building tomorrow’s organizations!

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Executive Outplacement

Helping your employees navigate through a transitional period not only confirms your organization’s good will, but it is a sign of a great company culture, and it simply makes sense.

We’ve got the connections!

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Career Concierge

We’re taking executives to the
next level of their careers and
helping them to discover their
true passions. Uncovering the hidden talent of tomorrow’s corporate landscape.

Personalized and Metrics Driven.

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At KMR we understand the critical importance of having the right people in the right roles in order to achieve the perfect balance for your organization.

When you work with KMR, you get results



Repeat Clients


91% Stick Rate
(over one year)


85 Average Days to Placement

Our Point of View

AI and Talent Acquisition: 2024 update

AI and Talent Acquisition: 2024 update

In recent years, integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into various aspects of business operations has been nothing short of revolutionary. From predictive analytics to personalized marketing, AI technologies have demonstrated their ability to streamline processes,...

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