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At KMR Executive Search we know that building great cultures involves many moving parts and a diversity of talents. We’ve collected some informative articles from trusted sources, including some of our Strategic Partners to help you build your dream team and perhaps answer some questions you may have.

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7 Ways to Evaluate Your Executive Search Firm

Executive search firms are everywhere. So, how to choose among them? One recruitment provider offers up seven questions to ask when selecting a search firm, while several others weigh in. Let’s see what they all have to say.


One of the better definitions of success that I’ve come across is “the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”. I first heard that particular definition in a recording of Earl Nightingale, a famous speaker and educator. According to this way of thinking, success has at least something to do with progress.

Leadership Development

Ponder this statement for a moment. The implications are truly startling. While this statement may have been borne out of our polarized political discourse and seem stark and extreme, it is nonetheless meaningful and instructive for C-suite executives or anyone aspiring to be there!

Embracing Change

While it’s important we learn not to fear change but instead embrace it enthusiastically; it is perhaps even more important that we encourage and drive it. That keeps us in a healthy state of change readiness.