AI and the Job Market – will there be Winners and Losers?


Artificial Intelligence, or AI has been around for some time, but the release of ChatGPT has the World abuzz, especially regarding employment. What career paths will be negatively affected, and where will there be new opportunities?

The Winners and Losers

The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought about a seismic shift in various industries. This transformation inevitably influences the job market, with some roles facing obsolescence while others are experiencing unprecedented growth or even being created anew.

Research shows this shift is just getting started. The graphics below tell quite the story! (Source:

Careers at risk

With AI’s ability to automate repetitive and mundane tasks, positions involving routine work are increasingly endangered. Data entry clerks, who spend much of their time inputting information into systems, stand to be significantly impacted. Similarly, payroll administrators, whose roles largely involve repetitive calculations and distributions, are also at risk.

But it goes beyond that; the risk of careers involving extensive training and expensive college degrees has many on edge.

What about IT professionals, cyber security experts, writers, and computer programmers? Will they be replaced? Maybe not entirely, but those professions will 100% be affected in some way. Is it shocking?  It shouldn’t be.

  • The program Canva has replaced many skilled graphic designers.
  • WordPress and WYSIWIG website builders such as Beaver Builder have replaced many a coder.
  • Grammarly has replaced editors.
  • Robots have replaced humans in many manufacturing roles.

That’s just the shortlist – so no, we shouldn’t be surprised that AI is and will continue to shift careers and how we get work done.

I’ve heard, “Did I just waste a couple hundred thousand dollars on a career path that will be obsolete?” My response is – No, but you may have to adjust your original plan and perhaps learn newer skills to adapt to the emerging market.

Safe Careers – virtually no change

Roles requiring the human touch – emotional intelligence, creativity, strategic thinking – will continue to thrive. AI cannot understand complex human emotions, make judgment calls in ambiguous situations, or create innovative strategies, making these skills more valuable than ever.

Traditional blue-collar jobs such as welders, carpenters, masons, landscapers, plumbers, and electricians aren’t going anywhere soon. I anticipate a resurgence of young adults entering trades versus taking the traditional college route – which is great news!

Physicians and veterinarians, psychologists and therapists, restaurant employees and entertainment – all may be enhanced by AI, but they won’t be replaced – at least not yet!

Emerging Careers and Roles in High Demand

Despite the potential job losses, AI’s rise also ushers in new opportunities.

The growing reliance on AI technology will fuel the demand for AI specialists and data scientists. These professionals can design, train, and maintain AI systems, ensuring they operate efficiently and ethically.

As AI continues to evolve, we should anticipate the birth of new roles that we can’t even envision yet! A few years ago, who could have predicted the need for AI ethicists responsible for ensuring AI’s fair and responsible use?  This is the part I find exciting – what will the world look like a decade from now?

Navigating the AI-Driven Job Market

The advent of AI presents a paradox – it both threatens and creates jobs. Adaptability and continuous learning will be essential to navigate this evolving landscape. Embracing new technologies and acquiring relevant skills can help individuals remain relevant and competitive.

Remember when desktop computers first came out?  Cellphones? Digital cameras? What about Netflix and Amazon – we never thought Blockbuster and bookstores would go away, but alas, the first has, and the latter are few and far between.

AI is no different – it’s simply the wave of the future. To deny or fight against its existence is futile, so let’s ride the wave together!