Senior Director, Equity – Higher Education



Our university client seeks highly qualified candidates for the role of Senior Director, Equity.

As a prospective candidate, you are expected to carefully read this job description and eliminate yourself from the candidate pool if the duties and responsibilities are not a good match for you. 


Reporting to the Vice President, Human Resources, the Senior Director, Equity will lead the University’s policy development, programs, training and compliance regarding matters of equity and non-discrimination including, but not limited to, compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Titles VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and state of Connecticut non-discrimination statutes. Consistent with the University’s mission, collaborate with a wide range of campus stakeholders to foster a more inclusive, respectful, and supportive environment in which the dignity of every human person is valued, embraced, celebrated, and protected. The successful candidate will demonstrate a high degree of sensitivity and empathy in dealings with students, their families, faculty, staff and other University community members. Establish close partnerships with key divisions such as Student Life, Academic Affairs, Admissions, Campus Ministry, Accessibility and the Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. If you possess six to eight years of related experience this may be the right opportunity for you.


  • Maintain the University-wide Sexual Misconduct Policy and Non-Discrimination Policy and Discriminatory Harassment Policy, including annual review and revisions
  • Collaborate with the Office of Accessibility to maintain the Grievance Process of the Policy on Students with Disabilities and Temporary Impairments
  • Oversee and coordinate institutional response to reports and complaints of violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy, Non-Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy (including response to acts of bias), and grievances as described in the Policy on Students with Disabilities and Temporary Impairments
  • Complete intakes, if needed, and ensure required notices are sent
  • Coordinate supportive measures
  • Coordinate sexual misconduct investigations conducted by external investigators
  • Coordinate Title IX hearings for Process A of the Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Make and deliver findings of responsibility for Process B of the Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Coordinate informal resolutions
  • Conduct non-discrimination investigations (except for sex-based discrimination)
    Make and deliver findings of responsibility for violations of the Non-Discrimination Policy
  • Conduct investigations related to student disability and temporary impairment grievances
  • Make and deliver findings related to student disability and temporary impairment grievances
  • Conduct educational meetings where conduct does not rise to the level of discrimination yet is bias-related
  • Ensure awareness and primary prevention programs related to sexual violence are implemented
  • Develop and implement trainings for students, faculty, and staff on sexual misconduct, including rights and responsibilities under Title IX
  • Manage partnership with Center for Family Justice
  • Serve on Coordinated Community Response Team (CCRT)
  • Maintain records related to all reports and complaints
  • Collaborate with the Department of Public Safety in generating the Annual Security
  • Report and PA 14-11 Report to the State legislature
  • Collaborate with the Office of the Dean of Students to deliver sexual violence climate survey to students


  • Knowledge of federal and state non-discrimination, sexual misconduct, and civil
  • Ability to learn, understand, and support the mission and values of the University.
  • Strong knowledge, commitment, and ability in the areas of identity development, diversity and inclusion; ability to be an effective partner with diverse students, faculty, and staff.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated knowledge and ability in facilitation, group process, and conflict resolution.
  • Strong presentation and training skills.
  • Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively with a wide range of stakeholders including outside vendor resources.
  • Strong project management and implementation skills. Ability to effectively manage projects and balance multiple priorities.
  • Ability to use initiative to organize and follow through with complex tasks to meet deadlines.
  • Resourceful and creative in work-related matters.
  • Strong collaborative skills, professionalism and the ability to work effectively with various constituencies including prospective students, current students, their families, the general public, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and other members of the University community.
  • Ability to anticipate problems and take necessary action to solve and mitigate them.
  • Ability to establish effective working relationships, professional rapport, and effectively accomplish work within a University setting that includes a wide array of individuals, groups, policies, and processes.

EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree required, Masters or J.D. preferred

COMPENSATION: A competitive compensation package including base salary, along with a full benefits package will be offered.


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